Our Free Quotation Process

When we receive an enquiry, we make an appointment to call at your house. We will discuss your requirements and what is feasible and deliverable within legal requirements and your budget. We will take measurements then go away and prepare a quote for you which will normally be posted within a week. If you are happy with our quote, we will arrange for you to see a loft we have already converted to see some of our work for yourselves if you so wish.

If, at this point, you decide to use us, we will draw up a project plan and a payment schedule. A small deposit will be taken which will cover booking, drawings (If required) and council/building control fees. Once the drawings have been submitted and all relevant approvals have been granted, a typical terraced, or end-terrace, house will take 6–8 weeks to complete all building work.

To contact DP Loft Conversions for a free quotation, click here for e-mail, phone number and postal address information. If you do use us to convert your loft or attic, we are a fully insured company and we guarantee our work.